An Interview with Yellow Dubmarine

Yellow Dubmarine, a Beatles Reggae Tribute, will premiere at the Downtown Sundown Concert Series this Friday, August 3. Since this is their first time playing at our series, we thought we’d give you all a little more insight into this band. Find out what band member Aaron Glaser, specializing in bass and vocals, had to say:

WDI: How many musicians are in the band? What instruments do they play?
Aaron: Seven musicians make up Yellow Dubmarine. We incorporate guitars, drums, bass, keys, trombone, sax and percussion.

WDI: How long have you been on the road?
Aaron: We are finishing up our first year of touring.

WDI: Did you plan on making a reggae tribute to The Beatles?
Aaron: Yellow Dubmarine just started for fun and continued to grow. The band started with four of us who grew up playing music in the basement, and we played “Strawberry Fields” reggae-style. “Strawberry Fields” sounded really good, so we began to cover more of The Beatles and started picking up steam. Through the process we have added more and more, creating a more complete reggae sound. So, the whole band really started organically. I couldn’t ask for a cooler project.

WDI: How does The Beatles music translate to reggae and influence the crowds’ response?
Aaron: The Beatles’ music has proved time and time again to be immortal. After shows we are constantly hearing stories of how The Beatles’ music has touched people’s lives through monumental occasions like weddings and funerals, invoking a number of great responses. Both older and younger generations are able to celebrate with the band at each performance through dancing and having a great time.

WDI: What is it like to perform at such large events over the country?
Aaron: It’s been a pretty cool experience to play at a few of the same venues and clubs I have seen some of my heros perform at. Performing at All Good Music Festival was a dream come true, personally. We are also scheduled to play at Red Rocks in Colorado later this summer.

WDI: Have you been able to meet any influential musicians during your travels?
Aaron: Working with our manager, Kenny Liner, has been wonderful. Kenny plays the mandolin for a band called The Bridge. Now, Kenny is well known in the Baltimore music scene and has been able to progress up-and-coming bands in the area.

WDI: Are there any other artists the band plans on “dubbing” in the works?
Aaron: Not as of yet. We have recorded The Beatles, “Abbey Road,” and are going to record “Revolver” this fall.

WDI: Where do you see Yellow Dubmarine going in the future?
Aaron: We plan to take our music anywhere there are Beatles fans – so, I guess, worldwide.

WDI: What is your favorite song to play? What has been your favorite venue?
Aaron: I really enjoy playing, “Let it be.” My favorite venue is the 9:30 club in Washington, D.C.

WDI: Anything else you would like to include for our listeners and readers?
Aaron: Our main focus is bringing the highest quality musicianship. There is something very special about our live performances. The bands’ main focus is the Beatles songwriting while adding the reggae rhythm. Keep an eye out this fall for a Kickstarter campaign to help us fund recording, “Revolver.” To keep in touch with us, visit our website at

By David Blackwell, Jr.


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