All About Onward, Soldiers


Onward, Soldiers will headline at the Downtown Sundown Concert Series for the first time this Friday, August 19. Band member Kevin Rhodes gave us a little preview of what’s to come during a recent interview. Here’s what he had to say:

WDI: What are you most excited about, regarding playing at Downtown Sundown for the first time?
Kevin: We are excited we were asked and pumped to play for our home town. It’s also great that Downtown Sundown is beginning to bring in original bands.

WDI: What can fans expect to see and hear this Friday?
Kevin: We have put together a high energy show, which we’ve been working up while touring. We will do a few brand new ones this Friday as well.

WDI: I see the band has a song placement in an episode of One Tree Hill. Where else can we look for your songs?
Kevin: Music is on, on iTunes and available at Gravity Records. We will also have a limited addition 7″ vinyl recording for sale at the show.

WDI: What other cities are you most excited about playing in this year?
Kevin: It’s looking like were going to play at the CMJ Annual Festival in New York, and doing lots of mostly southern cities. We are also excited about WINOCAFEST coming up on August 27 at Battleship Park.

WDI: When can we expect the release of your second album?
Kevin: The new record is “Monsters”, which will come out early in 2012.

More About the Band:

Onward, Soldiers – a true American sound – is new and ancient, hip and sweet, ethereal and raw. Comprised of musicians between the ages of 25 and 45, their range of experience represents a deep pool of musical influences. Their debut release titled “Ghosts In This Town” is a beautifully crafted specimen sure to captivate anyone who enjoys Indie rock or Americana music. (Courtesy of

Sean Thomas Gerard – Vocals, Tambourine, Loops, Keyboard, Harmonica, Bass, Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Lincoln Morris – Electric Guitar
Kevin Rhodes – Vocals, Percussion, Keyboard, Drums
Jarett Michael Dorman – Vocals, Drums, Bass

By Ashley Hanners


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