Five Questions With Girlz Girlz Girlz


WDI sat down with Brad Cox, lead singer of Girlz Girlz Girlz, to ask questions about the band and show this Friday, July 15 at the Downtown Sundown Concert Series. The band, known for their classic hair metal songs, is anticipating an exciting show. Downtown Sundown begins at 6:00pm in Riverfront Park. Here’s what Brad had to say about playing in Wilmington:

WDI: Are you excited to be back in Wilmington for another show?
Brad: I look forward to Wilmington every year. You can’t beat how cool everyone in the town is and all the history there. Plus, I love getting to rock in front of the Matlock building, lol!

WDI: Where else have you played this year?
Brad: All over the place – too many cities to name. They all start to look the same. That’s the other reason I look forward to Wilmington. It reminds me that I am finally somewhere different.

WDI: What is unique about playing at Downtown Sundown?
Brad: The fact that so many people come out to support music. It is so refreshing to see that many people wanting to have a good time and see a cool band. Also, everyone can bring their kids to see a rock show. I hope we are the first band many kids get to see live.

WDI: Anything in particular that the people of Wilmington should expect?
Brad: A good time. No negative emo crap, just good clean (somewhat) fun rock n roll. Bring a camera – we are known to pose for pictures.

WDI: Do you have any other music projects that Wilmington might be interested in?
Brad: I am a fulltime songwriter and producer. I have several songs in a new ABC family show coming out this fall, called “The Lying Game” and lots of other tracks that you will hear all over movies and TV shows coming up. Some of the other artists I write for are picking up a lot of airplay on KISS FM stations, and lots of buzz in Europe. People can check out that stuff at and my original songs at The other guys stay busy doing session work on a lot of records and filling in doing tours for other bands. Needless to say, we love to stay busy!

By Sarah Wood, WDI Intern


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